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Have been going out about 1 day per week for the last 4 weeks hoping for Pomps but the only thing I caught were an obscene number of cats, a few stingrays, a small shark and a blowifish and 2 cut lines to something big. But no Pomps.

Things changed for me Thursday morning.

Started at 0530 with frozen sand fleas and fresh dead shrimp and couldn?t keep the kitty-kats off. Finally started raking for live sand fleas and cannot remember numbers like this in the last 5 years. Most rakes pulled up one or two and some rakes pulled up 15 or more-all sizes.

Started fishing 2 fleas on a standard Pompano rig and caught the first of 5 nice Pomps at about 0815, and then the bite stopped at about 1030.

Watched 2 guys fish the same area (from my balcony with binocs) that evening around 1700 and saw at least 10 Pomps landed in about an hour.

Went out Friday morning early again and nothing until about 0830 when I caught my first of 4 pomps, one really nice one. Once again, nothing for an hour after about 1030 so I quit.

As before, fleas were very easy to rake, and seems like they are back in big numbers-at least until the oil hits the beach. Pray hard that the containment structure works.

Sorry about no pix-the wife had my camera and was out of town.
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