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pensacola beach pompanos

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i know most people dont want to give up their secret location for pomps. but lately ive been discouraged. ive gone out and nothing on top of nothing. i know this isnt season and everything. but living here and being a fish addict and beach goer i never go to the beach with out my rods. my question is. is there known spots that people tend to catch pomps around pensacola beach or you basicly have to find your hole and hope for the best? im kinda new to the surf fishing but ive been catching pompanos and reds off the surf and never gone 2 weeks with out one or the other popping up to make my day. if you guys have any tips/tricks to catch one of these little guys i would love to hear it.
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It's not about a certain spot but an area of the beach. You have to find a nice deep hole or a rip current and fish around that. Next time you go to the beach, stop for a few minutes on the boardwalk and just look down the beach for a dark spot or rip an go fish there. And find live sand fleas!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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