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Water was dirty in the morning. No no kings or spanish. LYs were there for bait. Schools of Manta Ray's everywhere. Some pods of tarpon were running west.
Water started clearing up midmorning. Saw a huge tiger shark that made several slow approaches from the east. Started seeing a few kings but they were all window shopping.
The wind picked up from the west and then some of the kings ate. I only saw 2 legal fish hit the dock when I left at 530 pm. Flipper got several. I didn't lose one to Flipper because you can't lose what you never I had one cigar minnow cut in half by an ambition little spanish.
Tarpon fisherman everywhere and one of the 2 hookups was a lady fishing a light rod for spanish with a small lure...and she fought hers a lot longer that the one guy who got one to eat.
Oh, well, there is always next week.
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