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Pensacola Bay 10/14/07

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Me, Myself, and I went out today but came back with a big fat nothing other than a beating. It was toooooooo rough to fish, but I at least attempted. Went to 3-mile and couldn't get anything other than BIG croakers. I was determined,but when I couldn't even bait the damn hook without sticking the hook in my finger from the boat rocking back in forth, and waves coming in the boat while anchored, I called it a day.

Did I mention it was rough out there. And the report for the next week or so is not looking too good either.:banghead

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A rough day is better than a day in the yard.
I drove over the bridge today -heading to Peg Legs for lunch & saw the cluster of boats @ 3-mile. It sure looked choppy,& I was wondering how you guys were doing. I figured the Spanish must be bitting.

oh well, our day seemed like a bust too -- the wife started coughing as soon as we got to Peg Legs, the redtide stuff got to her quick. I had planned on letting the kids run around the beach for a while, but forget that. Can't wait for the water to get back to normal.
Shrimp appetizer plus fried grouper sandwich equals heaven at peg leg's...
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