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penn sg series

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so i bought my first new reel in years the other day a penn sg4000 and spooled it with 20# braid and discovered it has a feature called infinite anti reverse and just fell in love with it. i already owned a 430 and took it (even though i just had it spooled with a 150 spool of power pro) and a fairley nice combo with a 302 wich i had the penn washers and manual bail installed on and sold them both to replace the 430 with an sg3000. i havent even fished with one yet and i just cant say enough about them. any way just wanted to let anyone that may be looking for a reel that for 75.00 you cant go wrong. outcast has it for 5.oo less than bass pro and thats before shipping.
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I had your 430 in my hand Sunday, I made myself put it down and walk away.............that was a sweet little reel................
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