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Penn Reels and Rods For Sale

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I would like to get the 50W and maybe one of the 4/0. Only thing is I'm in Birmingham and not sure exactly when I'll be down there again.

I can call you if you would rather discuss our options...I am tentatively planning to be down there Nov. 3. I can shoot you the money ahead of time.
Sent you a PM. Give me a call.
Bert, Thanks again for the rod and reel. !! I am very happy with it. You were very honest about everything and Im sureIt will increse my odds on another Blue or Swordfish. Chuck Gladden
OK, Chuck, hope the outfit will bring you good luck! Enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you at a future PFF function. Have a good week!!
Updated posting to reflect items sold. Give me a call if interested. 850 982 8154.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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