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Hello Forum members,

I dont know how many folks on here would need gear this heavy, but I havea greatchance to get some of these combo's at a super deal, there are 2 different IGFA Vrods available on the bluewater combo's
They are both 6ft stand-up rods, they both have all Aftco roller guides, and aluminum straight butts, 1 rod isa30-80lb class and the other isa50-100lb class, these combos area littleover a
$1040 per comboat the big box stores. We will have them for $758 If the response is great enough on these combo's I will bring them Home to P,cola on my next trip over which will bedetermined by your response, if the demand for the combo'sare great enough and quick enough, I will bring these combo's hometo P,cola in about a week. And again as always no one pays until I get home with the Tackle, and there will be no sales tax or any shipping or fuel charges. If you need information quickly you can give me a call.

Thanks 770-355-1484
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