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Penn 750/Slammer combo, NEW

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During my tackle clearance sell, I have brand new Penn 750 Spinfisher reels in combo with a Penn Slammer rod for only $99.99 which is less than the price of the reel. Other combos have also been lowered for drastic savings. Every rod and reel has been marked down from 10-80%. Fresh water tackle at least 30% off. Gulp shrimp at only $4.99. Lost Key Tackle located at the corner of Blue Angel Parkway and Dog Track Road. 458-6552.
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Do you have any 6/0 penn with rod,i have a friend looking for one.If you have any could you give me ballpark price?Thanks alot,i was just telling him about your store this weekend.
Yeah he does and a ton of 4/0 also with some DAMN GOOD PRICES.
Thanks for the reply,i will have to get by there and check them out next time i am over that way.
I have the Penn 6/0 with a Senator rod w/roller tips that I believe can go for about $149. Give me a call at the shop and I can give you an exact price. 458-6552

Don't know if you were the one who helped us out Sunday, but thanks to whoever at your place for getting my wife a fresh water licence, under the circumstances. That is a very nice shop, a lot bigger than I thought, and we willbe back. It was cool sunday, Ieven saw a new fishing friend there hanging out.
Glad I could be of service. Catch any fish? Thanks for the comments on the Forum.
Yea just a few, and an undersize bass hit a cricket. I have a question though, if you have ever fished this area. When I was younger my dad lived on Lapaz off Lillian, he had a house on the bay and the lot across the street was a fresh water canal, where we had a ramp. We used to catch all the bream you could stand. We'll I took my father-in-law in there with his new boat, and we did not catch much at all, the water was no where near as fresh, and one neighbor came out and said there were some gators in there now. However, there were more mullet in there than I have ever seen, anywhere! Idid not see the first turtle either.I walked down from the bridge on blue angel one time and saw mullet near that bridge (Bayou Marcus), I thought they were just lost then. I could have filled a tractor trailer in an hour, what we saw sunday. How hard would it be to cast net in there? (snags!!) A big heron took off down the canal at one point and the water just exploded under him for at least 250 yards. It looked like he was doing a run down it just to scare the mullet sitting on the surface. Something else weird. The big house where you go in from the bay, has a shorthair pointer, that comes running wide open, and stops at the last minute in a cloud of dust, then he takes a dump. He did this every time we passed by (4 times). It was a great day to me, I miss fresh water, this salt water stuff isway different.
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Do you have any butterfly jig rod/reel combos for sale?
I do not have the Shimano's, Outcast has this territory for all jigging equipment. I do have a rod that has proven to be just as good, that is made by Challenger. Rated for 80-200 #. I have sold a lot of these and my customers are very pleased. Suggest you match it up with a Torium 30 or a Tekota 700 or 800 if you like a heavy duty level wind. I have a selection of Pro Fishing butterfly jigs as well.
Probably last post on the subject:poke, but would a sphero12000/trevala combo work well enough for a butterfly jig? The rod is just a Shimano jigging rod not specifically a butterfly jigging rod.
I believe it would work very well. The 12000 is a heavy reel, but it has the guts to really work a big fish.
I know I have at least one and it is on clearance price
I have the new 4000 in stock and can order you any of the new ones. I have the older 2500's and 4000's in stock and marked way down. Give me a call at 458-6552 and I can let you know exact prices. Just about everything in my store is on clearance.
I bought two of the new stradic 4000's from that liquidation sale in hattiesburg for $90 a piece. I'm just curious if you beat that price.
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