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This morning I launched at about 6:20 in between Pensacola and Navarre Beach. With high hopes I headed out in search of bait and unfortunately couldnt manage any. Bait was very scarce. Start troling a north mackeral and a smoker hits my smaller rod/reel and nearly spools me. By the time I grabbed the line he tail whipped me and was off, with my king rig. As I am retying the king rig, a shark pics up my other one which Id forgotten to pull in. Landed him to make it my first official yak shark. Continued trollng and hook up with another king. Finally one to peel some line off! Got my new personal best king in the yak. Measured out to 34". I forgot my cooler at home but I still iced em down, got em home, and threw him on the grill! All in all a great day, a little slower than Id expected though. Cant wait till next time!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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