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Pass Report 11-12

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After loading up on finger mullet and inspired by some of the other posters here I decided to hit the pass with my wife and 2 yr old. We stayed out from 0900-1200 and ended up w/ 2 blues/1 19" red and a 27" Gag Grouper (My best yet).

The funniest part of the day was when I put my rod down to check on another rod that was getting hit and I looked back and asked my wife several times, "where's my rod?", she just laughed and said "I don't know", I was on the beach so I started wading in the area were the rod was and I see a black ambassador 6000 cruising out in front of me. This rod was cruising, so I jumped after it. Happy just to see my rod and reel again, I started to reel in the line and the fish wash still on. I started to fight this fish and told my wife to get the net, but when I told her it was a Grouper she started running for it. After a valiant fight the fish was apprehended and as we speak it being cooked up by the chef.

Overall great Veterans day for a no so old Vet.


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haha nice report and glad you got the rod back! ive got 2 rods that are still swimming out there somewhere...probably hooked up on 2 world record fish:letsdrink
Sweet you caught your rod and a fine grouper at the same time. Where did you get the finger mullets from?
Them some fine eatin vittles right there:clap
nice grouper!:bowdown
I was bayside off the shoreline, without going into specifics, I was very close to the pass.
Awesome job FrenchDaddy. Nice looking Grouper. :bowdown
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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