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We only had a few days of fishing in July, but the days we did fish were excellent! As usual this time of year here in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama...the bigger YFTs hang out around the structure high spots at Hannibal Bank/Isla Montuosa and the schools of smaller Tunas are running with Porpoises out in open water. Find the activity...Birds, splashes, Porpoises moving in herds and working together and you'll find the Tunas!

First week of the month we were out on the island doing some maintenance to the lodge and we knew that the big Tunas were offshore so we decided to head out to Hannibal Bank and give it a shot. We asked Carlos Bernal a resident of the island/local fisherman, guy that regularly sells us our Lobster, and friend of ours to tag along. We made the 43 mile run in some wind and rain to Hannibal Bank but it was worth it! Pure action all by one all of our Bluerunners got ate as we drifted around the high spot at Hannibal Bank. Carlos and Steve both caught personal best biggest Yellowfin Tunas that were the same size as they are! After a couple Tunas got the gaff for dinner, we released ten more fish before heading back to the island!

Chris and Megan McFarlain from Louisiana came out to stay with us for a couple of nights and fish for a day the second week. We ran out again to Hannibal Bank with much smoother seas than the week prior. On the way out we ran into some activity of Porpoises and sure enough we found the Tunas! It wasn't quite as furious of action as the week prior either but we put a couple of nice fish in the boat!

July 19th and 20th we had back to back day charters out of Boca Chica and the offshore action continued to get ever better! Woody, Don, Jaime, and 96 year old Buddy wanted to make the long run to the famed Hannibal Bank to see what all the fuss was about. Even though it's about another 13 miles or 45 minute ride from Boca Chica it's still worth it! The guys from California caught multiple fish over 130#s, wore themselves out on pulling YFTs, and satisfied their curiosity about one of the greatest spots on earth to hunt pelagics here in Panama! I got this great footage on my GoPro Hero3 in HD of Jaimie's YFT...

The next day we ran out to the Bank again for another day charter with David, Susie, and Spenser from England. The day started out pretty slow as the Tunas were around but just wouldn't eat our baits at the high spot. On the way out, about five miles from the high spot, I noticed a buddy of mine Captain Kilimanjaro towing a log loaded with Bluerunners to Hannibal. He was towing the log ever so slowly behind his little panga, not to lose the bait. His plan was to ignite the action at Hannibal Bank by bringing the bait ball under the log right to the high spot where the big Tunas were lurking. Later in the afternoon Kilimanjaro calls me on the radio and says he's finally arriving at the high spot. Not five minutes after he arrives to the Bank, with the huge log, the place erupts into a massive frenzy of YFTs and big Mullet Snappers attacking the baits!! The initiated frenzy goes on for five or ten minutes. David catches one of the biggest Mullet Snappers I've ever seen on a popper in the middle of the craziness, all the boats around us are yelling and screaming as we are all hooked up! Both of the live Blue Runners I've got drifting behind the action get eaten at the same time and the rods begin to scream! David and Spenser fight two huge Yellowfin Tunas for over 2 1/2 hours! The guys did a great job passing under and over each other numerous times as we repeatedly spun the boat to keep the fish from tangling the lines for over 3 miles. The first fish wears down and pops through the 130# leader. Damn! A 1/2 hour later the other fish, easily 250#s, is almost within gaff range when it pulls the hook! An amazing battle that ends up in disappointment I feel real bad for the guys! The pain of the big loss is eased slightly on the way back to Boca Chica when Spencer catches a nice gaffer Dorado. Wow!...what an experience at Hannibal Bank this place never ceases to amaze me!

Capt. Shane Jarvis

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Isla Paridas, Panama

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