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Line 1,.... Spooney

Had a great trip to Kansas.
It was an unguided hunt near Clifton Kansas on a private farm. The lows were 16 to 23 degrees for 5 of the 7 days.
On the second morning I harvested a 12 pointer which was a main frame 10 with a sticker and a split brow. He was hot on the trail of a doe who had just run by me so when the buck approached I drew my bow back , mouth grunted, he stopped, and I dispatched a Slick Trick to do the job. He ran about 125 yards and piled up. It was an easy recovery.
Afterwards, I scouted the rest of the week for my partner, and saw two BIG BUCKS, ( 145-155 class) but both would have been out of my effective bow range had I not previously tagged out,.... so no buyers remorse.
If you ever get the chance to bow hunt Kansas during the rut.... GO !
Nothing like it. I'm already trying to make plans for 2013.


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