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Outcast Family Fishing Rodeo
Pensacola 2011

The Outcast Family Fishing Rodeo is a great event for kids and adults. We try to fish it as a family every year. I have been working with Hunter on all different aspects of fishing the past 2 years. He is 4 years old now and can hold his own with the fishes. We where unable to fish the first day of the rodeo but went after em' "Hard Core" on day two. Our "Hard Core" strategy consisted of waking up at the crack of day, fishing ten hours, and not stopping until we had caught them all. Well "hard core" went out the window after we woke up at 7:30am and finally launched the boat at 9:00am. We picked up some bait and headed to a grouper hole. We pulled up and went to work on getting our butts handed to us 3 times in a row. After suffering repeated defeat my wife Rachel finally pulls a nice red grouper out of the hole. Hunter was following the "Hard Core" mentality of the morning and decided that we should run back in and go swimming. So that's exactly what we did. After an hour of relaxation and only one grouper in the box to weigh, I talked Hunter back in the boat. We left the beach and went to the pass. We fished both jetties in search of our target species (anything). We where rewarded with a fine looking Blue Runner and two Hard head Catfish. But we had a fish to weigh in and my man was happy. We then headed east in search of flounders, which cooperated much better. We boated 4 flat fish in about 20 minutes of fishing. Two of the four fish where better than 2.5lbs so we decided to find something else to pull on our lines. The next target species was the Redfish. The first day of the tourney brought some really nice reds with the smallest being right around 6lbs. We pulled up to the super secret redfish hole and to my surprise we where the only people there. We caught 6 redfish total and two of them fit in the slot. Hunter caught a 5.5lber and Rachel caught a 5.25lber and 4 more fish that where too big to keep. With a good box of fish and a Thunderstorm rolling in we decided to go to the scales. We ended up with 3 spots on the board out of 4 of our species, 2 first places and one 2nd. Our redfish didn't make the grade but Hunter's Blue Runner found first place Jr's, His Flounder was first place Jr's, and Rachel's grouper made second place open division. It was a lot of fun and we intend on doing a couple more this summer. There is nothing better than a day with the family and I can't wait until Katelyn is old enough to tag along as well. Take your kids fishing whenever you can!
Good luck on the water,
Captain Dusty Powers 850-261-7953

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