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Here are the results:
Outcast Cobia Invitational 2011 Results

Four Fish Aggregate
1st The Defense Rests-204.56
2nd Necessity-201.32
3rd Reel Addiction-187.60

Single Largest Fish
Reel Addiction-88.60

Daily Single Largest
Thursday-Reel Addiction-88.60
Friday-Reel Addiction-57.56
Saturday-Lady Jacqueline-75.64

Top Small Boat
Top Money Winners
Reel Addiction-$122,887.50
Lady Jacqueline-$58,192.50
Necessity-$31,740.00 plus the Rolex worth $5725.00
The Defense Rests-$14,400.00
Reel Worthless-$13,995.00
A Work Of Art-$9360.00
Total Payout $250,575.00 plus the Rolex
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