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Anybody willing to offer up some info on whats happening inshore anywhere close to Orange Beach. Will be down the last weekend of the month and looking to get on some good fishing. I usually get down that way 4 or 5 times a year (from Central AL.) but I'm not all that experienced yak fishing in the area since I purchased my yak on my last trip in July. I have heard Little Lagoon or just up the Bon Secour River are good spots. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Try these guys, they area new club just starting up over that way.

Hi all,

I wanted to introduce the MBKFA to everyone since we've gotten up and running now. I'd also like to thank Ferd and Mike for setting up the forum for our use. With these two clubs working together the opportunities for kayak fishing are unlimited.
Our first fishing trip is this Sunday at Dog River. We will be meeting at the Beachcomber Marina at 6am with a departure time of around 630am. WKRG news weekend edition is going to be recording the Association for their evening newscast.
The state magazine Outdoor Alabama is also to have a photographer there to take pictures and cover the Association for their edition in Octorber.
Capt. Dan will be speaking to the Association on flyfishing from a kayak after the fishing event at the marina.
We have formed as a non-profit corporation in the state of Alabama. We are currently seeking tax-exempt status with the IRS. Thanks to David Bagwell who did all the legal work and donated the fees.
We will be participating in the Alabama Coastal Clean Up on Sept. 16th at the Causeway. Everyone is invited to attend and T-shirts will be offered free.
On Sept. 17th we will be fishing the Fairhope Pier and Park. The site of next years 1st Annual Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament. After the fishing event, Hank Burch of the Al. Dept of Conservation and Resource will be speaking with the Association about the new kayak/canoe park being constructed on Duckskiff Bay. The planned opening is in Oct/Nov and the MBKFA has been invited to participate. The facility will have several buildings, rental kayaks and canoes, fishing piers, a park, a kayak/canoe launching area and much more. The state is currently interested in sponsoring a fall tournament at the park next year also. Everyone is invited to attend.
The date for the spring tournament in Mobile is TBA. All proceeds from the tournament will go towards the CCA of Alabama. Ed Williamson, state president of the CCA will be pushing the MBKFA in their newsletters throughout the next year to it's 25,000 statewide members.
The MBKFA will be sponsoring fish fry's for local residential healthcare facilities as part of our "Give Back to the Community" Program. Members are volunteering their time to fry fish and fix side dishes for various home's that house the handicapped and mentally ill within the state of Alabama.
We do not have a website at this time but do have a yahoo group. The addy is I invite anyone who is interested to join and visit.
Hopefully we'll be joining the GCKFA for some of the events in Pensacola and look forward to working with you guys/gals over the years ahead.
Sorry it took me awhile to get the post out about the MBKFA. Since the election of officers this week at Felix's Fish Camp I'll have some freetime to keep everyone informed better in the future.
Be safe and may the seas stay calm,

Mike Bosarge
Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association
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