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Hi! Capt. Mike here is another website for everyone to look at so they can see what we do. And I am putting the link back up for ECRA.

And I want to thank you Capt. Mike for all you did for us ECRA members last year with the coups. My hubby and I personally deployed 12 coups and were on each deployment when they where dropped. What I am running into is some people think that other people on the boat have access to a gps when reefs are being deployed. I am going to get Candy to elaporate on how that works.

I would also like to see ECRA and RFRA join together and share some ideas. RFRA has got some great things going on and we at ECRA could learn a lot from you guys.

So you guys that want to build your own reefs and deploy that is GREAT TOO. That's what this is all about. Please keep up the great work.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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