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opinions on db380

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i picked up a diamondback db380 or "mini glock" from the gunshow today. i got a good deal on it but when i went to go fire a box of rounds through it only about 1/4 of my gunshow rounds actually went off when i pulled the trigger. and now im curious to how the gun actually performs for everyone else that has one. when the shot would actually go off it seemed to work great. was pretty accurate and had a pretty nice recoil to it. i could also fit alot more of my hand on this gun than the kel-tec and the rugers. but i want to know how this thing is actually feeding for people trying to fire it faster than one round... tap rack...tap rack..tap rack..bang

it also only came with one magazine but for 350 bucks i cant complain
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it was some old browning ammo.... i should have known better than to buy it when i seen it said 9mm short on the box but 380acp on the casing. i dont think most manufacturers have put that on their boxes for a while. but all the 380 was gone and i just wanted to go test my new gun. im hoping that it was just faulty ammo and i wont have to get my gun repaired at least i hear alot of great things about diamondbacks customer service

im going to take my ammo back to the guy at the gun show and hopefully get a refund
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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