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Took a break from fishing and made my yearly journey to TN for opening weekend of bow season. First morning I sat on a food plot and seen several does, yearlings and small bucks. Had a coyote come by and went to draw on him and of all things my range finder finds its way out of my pocket and to the ground. Not five minutes later I look over my left shoulder and there stands one of the 7 pts we have on camera....guessing hes forty yards I rested my pin and let her fly...right over his back. He wasnt but 30 yds after finding my arrow and ranging it. Sat evening I sat over looking a creek with a food plot just across it. At about 5 I heard foot steps behind me and notice 2 does headed my way. I had to maneuver around to shoot behind my me but managed to double lung her with a Rage at 30yds.....finally broke the ice! 15 minutes later I get a text from my best friend Casey that I hunt with up here and he had 3 of the shooters come out on him and managed to put a Rage through a buck we call Crab Jr. at 15yds. We got down a little before dark to recover both deer with neither one going over 75yds. He was an 8 pt....16 inches and around 170lbs.

Sunday morning I sat on another food plot in the back of the property. Right at first light I had a big bodied deer come by me at 10 yds but just couldnt make out what he was wearing.....I started to ground check it but something just told me to wait. Casey and I had been texting all morning and was gonna get down about 9 and head home. All he had seen was a small buck and ended up shooting a nice Gobbler. As I was texting one of my buddies back from Georgia that had asked if I had seen anything I look to my right to see 2 Nice rack bucks standing 35 yds. I knew I only had just a second to do what I was gonna do bc they were slowly feeding about to be where I didnt have a shot. I slid around and drawed back and rested my 30 yd pin a little high and let the Rage eat.....perfect double lung shot and he was pumping it out as he was running off. Ecstatic about it being possibly the biggest deer Ive ever killed I was shaking like someone had tied me up and put me in a freezer. I text Casey and let him know I hada big one down. Casey come over to where I was and we started the tracking job. It was real grassy where he ran but luckily with them Rages you dont have to worry about a blood trail. We had tracked him about 80 yds and we was about 20 yards from the land line and I was starting to get worried about him going over the fence. I went a little further and there I seen a slight line of brown sticking over the grass and a foot of horns. We high fived and went to check him out and man I was surprised! He was the buck we call Wide 8. The second biggest deer we have trail pics of. He was 8 pt with a split brow....19 inches wide and around 200lb live weight. We are still afterem for 2 weeks straight, hopefully Ill have another post before I head back home.


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