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Well returned home the week prior from overseas and made a trip to the camp with the brother over the weekend. Headed back to the camp last Friday to wait for Sat. Morning, didn't really see much Sat.-Wed. Saw a few does, cow horn,4 pt, 5 pt, 6 pt. and that's about it.

Me and the brother found a place we have been looking for Thurs.afternoon after a 1100 yd walk and setup, around 4:30 had a doe and yearling step out at 25 yds and the Z7 let her have it. About 5:30 had another feed up from behind, thought she was going to feed off but she turned around and give me a quarter away @ 12 yds. Finally made it back to the camp around 10:30.

Friday morning we didn't see anything so we decided to hit a spot from last year
So off we go, around 4:30 I hear my brothers bow go off then the radio sound off (I got him boy) is what I heard, then about 30 min. later the radio goes off again it's a 4 pt. So the nite was good for the brother a 3pt and 4pt.

Sat. morning didn't see anything again but we also went to a place of old (the old buck hole) the wind was starting to howl, we got to the stand around 2:45 and just after 3:00 I called my brother to see what he was seeing, his response I just shot a tall buck while I am seeing nothing. Later I called him again around 5:30 and he replies I just shot a 8 pt., sad to say we lost the blood in the creek on the 8pt but we got the tall 3 pt.

Sunday morning again didn't see anything so I went back to camp (brother slept in) around 12:30 myself and a couple of friends were heading to the buck hole to find some dumbass parked 3/4 ways down a deadened road that we have to walk down. So I start to think about another spot where I have seen some does. After the 800 yd walk and dropping the friends off I finally make it the tree, after I got up I had to do a little trimming I am finally ready. I looked at my garmin t o see what the feed times were and it said 4:26-5:26 at 4:46 I looked to my left and saw a doe, then another, and another in all there were 5 which were acting crazy I had one stop at 20 yds and I let the grim reaper fly, oops 2 in over her back, Damn I said mocked another and watch the feed at 45 yds up the hill, 2 min. Goes by and I hear some more coming I was able to get one to stop and the grim reaper found home in a spike at 35 yds.

So all to all the back half of the week was good.
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