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online adult store(adults only)

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Please no flaming but I am just trying to beef up my fishing account.

This is an adult toy, costume, products and supplies website, If you do not approve of such material do not click on link.

On a side note , I don not process the orders so I have no idea who is purchasing.
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Danggggg Sam.. when did you start that??? Has some interesting stuff in there...... I hope you do well with it!!!

There's some kinky $**t on that thing. Enough to make me blush.

Thats some wild stuff ya got there.:poke
Its something that I thought I would try since I never leave my work :banghead People are going to buy but dont want to be publicly seem at the local adult stores so I thought I would give it a try.

did you notice that pirate costume on there? Might go good at your next club meeting.
you ought todo good with it, hasn't alabama made it illegal to sell adult toys through stores in the state? when is this state going to come out of the dark ages and quit trying to legislate morality?
Yes Alabama governs that you cant have a lottery, gamble or have sex in the state.:banghead:banghead

After looking around more I might be my first customer for the stimulants...I meant to say games ,gags and novelties :doh:doh
can you send the french maid over...thanks.
Sorry models not included :banghead

There are some nice looking outfits for the ladies for halloween. :letsdrink
ahaha, I asked my wife if she wanted to put in an order... she just laughed... and then told me that a friend of her was putting on one of the those parties the other day..
So did she buy any from the party Bill? :letsparty

Check out the phermone candles :letsdrink
AUradar.... heheheheh NOT ME!!! laffs

Sam... I hope you do GREAT!!! :bowdown
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ahaha sam.. No she did'nt even go to the party... O well maybe some other time..
Christmas is just around the corner :letsparty
You got any of those sex dolls that know how to fish and likes to ride around and drink beer?
leeprice72 (11/14/2007)You got any of those sex dolls that know how to fish and likes to ride around and drink beer?
And if they can also drive me home after a night of drinking I'll take one.
Christmas is just around the corner :)
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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