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REEL FEISTY (2/10/2010)Pete is a very smart lawyer and I bet he can and will beat the Gov. at his own game! WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A number of you have hunted with Pete on his vast land holdings of past and I know of one that killed a monster there and he was so excited my old ass had to find it and drag it out.
LMAO James! Yea, I was a lil pumped that night and had to go get the old guys to help me out a lil bit. ;) Those were the good ole days of the forum - don't see much of that anymore or at least I don't. You,Mark (Grome),Pete - some of the "founding fathers" of the PFF. :)

Like James said though, Pete is a very smart attorney and I'm sure he'll do well in his new venture.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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