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I always used Yamaha oil & filter when I changed mine in the F250 but I am looking at one that has 115's on it, 01 models and the maintence log shows the oil being changed every 100 hrs but he has been using:

Oil Filter: NAPA 1358 Gold series
Oil: Castrol synthetic blend 10w30

Is this a problem? Should I be concerned or is the Yamaha oil just a warranty stipulation.
Anything to be concerned about? Thanks.

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You will get many different opinions. I have 2006 twin 115's. once the warranty period was over in 2009 I switched from yamalube to Mobile one full synthetic but I still buy the Yamaha filters.
People say that automotive oil doesn't have the corrosion preventive properties of a marine grade oil. My thought is we are talking about the inside components of an engine here not the outside...

Yamalube is a synthetic blend I am told...
But Yamaha doesn't manufacture oil someone makes it for them,

When I flew in the navy we used full synthetic oils in all aircraft gearboxes and I believe in it. Mobile 1 is cheaper than yamalube as well. My 2 cents.
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