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I ran a few trips last week. On thur we ran into a little choppier waves then expected and had a tough day. Got one legal yf and some jumbo blacks and that was it. Just a bad day.

Friday was completely opposite The guys had driven in all night from tallahassee and arrived in venice around 4am and started cracking beers. Nice calm waves and beautiful weather. Caught our bait and headed south. First baits in the water were eaten by some dolphin then I saw some tuna start blowing up and we moved over a little ways and let some baby hardtails swim to their death.

First bait in the water led to a dead yellowfin in the boat which made the bachelor happy as it was his first tuna. After that the bite continued as we had several double hookups with fish ranging from 25-90 pounds. I was using 60 pound frenzy flouro with 7/0 circle hooks. After we put our 8th fish in the boat we called it a day and headed to the house.

On sat I had a local group in to try for a mixed bag. We stayed in close on the shelf and got a barely legal yf on the jig then we headed inshore to some aj and grouper area rigs. On the way we ran into some shrimpboats and caught three bf on it as well as 3 million bonitos. Played around with them for a while then got our six man limit of ajs on jigs pretty quickly. We tried to jig for scamps but it was pretty slow. I think we got 4 scamps on live bait and three more on jigs.

I still have plenty of sep dates open as well as the rest of the year.
I also had a close encounter with a leatherback sea turtle and he stayed up just long enough to get a pic.

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