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Had a tale of two trips that were completely opposite. Started off on tuesday with Tommy Kuranoff. The weather was a little choppy but it calmed down nicely. The problem was everywhere I went was loaded up with jack crevelles. I have never caught that many jacks at all of my wahoo spots. It was ridiculous. If you had two lures out you caught two jacks, 3 lures out would be 3 jacks and 4 lures out would be 4 jacks. We did manage to pick up an amberjack trolling between all the jack crevelles. Also there were sharks and tuna busting on pogies all day but I never really could get on the schools of tuna before the sharks would completely crash the party. We even caught sharks jigging. At least it was a calm ride home so I could lick my wounds for the next day.

I started off on wed with Paul and Tom from new orleans. We of course started out with Jack Crevelles which kinda sucked. I gave up on wahoo fishing and started running farther offshore and ran into more schools of pogies. This time they were balled up as well as you will ever see them. I have some underwater video I shot off my boat of them. I was free gaffing pogies for the heck of it as well as dipnetting them.

One of the guys broke off his popper on the cast and it went into the ball of pogies and floated for a second before it snagged a pogie and sank. I pulled up to the ball and we could see the popper under water attached to a pogie. We had to wait about 5 minutes before the pogie got tired and floated up so we could grab the popper.

Back to the fishing part of the bait balls were loaded with kings, sharks, and some tuna. The kings were skyrocketing our poppers on every cast but occasionally we would sneak it through to a tuna. WE went 2-3 on 80 pound yellowfin plus 4 blackfin in a couple of hours of some serious popper action.

If you pay attention in the 2nd video you can see kings racing by on the outside of the school

After we had our fill of topwater action I caught some pogies for bait and got a limit of ajs as well as 4 nice scamp to bring home.

Here are some other random pics from a couple of fairly recent trips.

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