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Fished three days in the last couple weeks. Every day was tougher then I like weather conditions but considering how most of the weather has been they were awesome lol. First day was definitly the best weather ive been out in. It was calm in the morning and then picked up as the day went on. Started off slow as we saw some yf blowing up pogies about 7 miles out but couldnt get on them and only got a blackfin out of the deal. Started hitting all the rigs for wahoo and picked up a couple that morning and had two othe swings and misses.

After that we set up chunking on one of the shelf rig and started whacking and stacking blacks. Got our fill of them and hit a couple more wahoo spots on the way in with no luck.

Day two we headed straight to the chunking spot but they werent nibbling yet and the guys werent feeling so hot. Think it was a combo of drinking a little too much the night before and the waves.
We left there and went closer to shore to hit some protected spots and went 1-2 on wahoo

I fished one day in jan so far. It was blowing 22 knots when I left the dock so the morning was spent extremely close to shore and luckily the lane snaps were biting.
We picked away at them in between all the red snaps and had 35 in the box by noon for 3 people.

It had calmed down a bit by then so we ventured out to deeper water and got our limit of ajs and missed one wahoo on the troll.

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