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I ran a couple tuna trips this week. thursday I had a guy and his gf from Dallas. It was Brian and Lisa. We had less then marginal weather but it wasnt bad enough that I couldnt go where I thought I needed to go to get some fish. We made live bait real easy and jigged up a bunch of micro blackfins for chunkbait but it didnt help as we covered 160 miles of water without even hooking a halfway decent fish. We finally pulled up to a rig in milky mud water about 10 miles offshore before we found fish. Marked a school of tuna off the rig and then we jigged up a half dozen nice fat blackfin tuna to help save the day a little bit. We made it back in just before the marina closed to fuel up for the next day.

I promised myself I wasnt running all over the gulf looking for yellows again when I knew I could jump on the blackfin on the shrimpboats close to land. I had John Dixon and his wife and James Harrison and his father on the boat on friday. We headed straight for the shrimpers and proceeded to whack the bfs on poppers, chunks, and cedar plugs. When the first hour of carnage was over we had nine blackfin between 15-25 pounds in the boat. The tuna bite shut off then so we went jigging and got a couple more blacks in the boat along with a bunch of half fish. There were some big sharks around that wouldnt even let some 20 pound blackfin come up whole. All in all we had some fun on a calm day and it took me less then an hour to get back to the marina.
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