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Offshore Venice La.

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<SPAN id=body0>After almost a week without being able to get out due to high winds I was able to get out Friday for 1 day with brothers from St. Louis , Mo. The game plan was to have a good day on the water. Hopefully to get a cobia or 2. First we made a run to see if the wahoo are starting to show up in the winter grounds. We found just tuna and they already had a freezer full of yellowfin so we started fishing for amberjack and grouper. All we found was undersized ones.

About noon we started moving toward the cobia grounds sampling some of the rigs that we had to run across. About 1:30 I only had 1 nice red snapper in the box. We had caught a lot of small fish and unwanted types so far. When I got to my plan "B" area the water was dirty and not as desireable as I would have liked it. The snapper bite had fallen off but I was able to get enough. While the snapper had slowed down the spanish mackrel,sharks, and our friends the cobia came to visit. We had a great day with plenty of catching and a nice bunch of fish to round off our day. Six cobia is always a good thing.

A group of 4 from texas fished with Eddie and stayed at our home for 2 days. this was thier first time here and were amazed at the variety of fish and quantity that came across the cleaning table. The closeness of the tuna, the abundance of the fish and the variety was the topic of conversation at the breakfast table the second day.

As luck has it the winds for the next 6 days are 15-25 with 3-5's and up to 5-7's untill next weekend. At least 3 trips lost this week. Saturdays trip is comming in from Arizona. Hope he brings in the wind stopper.

Life is Good!
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Good deal Hoop. Heck I would start off with plan B next trip even if the wind dies down. Thanks for the report from over yonder:toast
nice job,

you may wanna turn them ling over, i think they're cooked on that side:poke
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