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Finally got back into the groove after hurricane issac our normal fall patterns are starting to stabilize. The big fish have made their appearance and fish over 150 pounds are reguarly hitting the dock for all of us venice guys. The biggest I pulled out last week was 203 pounds and it ate a chunk. Also managed to put a 181 in the boat along with plenty other 120-160 class fish. You also get a boat load of blackfin everyday while fishing for the yf so its normally nonstop action. Some of it is playing keep away from the sharks which are definitly taking plenty of my hooks on a daily basis. Most of the action has been between 200 and 300 feet deep on dead baits although I am sure they would eat live bait as well its just hard to get past the blacks and bonitos with live bait. The cobia run is also starting as we hit a few 30-40 pounders last week on jigs.

Hopefully we have a good weather oct as the summer really put a hurting on us with a pair of tropical systems to deal with. The one in june as well as issac in august.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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