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I travel all over the US for work and will be in Pensacola, FL during August through October.
I need a crash course on everything in this area... I'll be going out in my 22' center console. I'm comfortable going out 60 miles+ & trolling (I know it's a small boat but I'm fine). It would be nice to go offshore when weather permits and also if possible have close to shore options when weather isn't as kind.

1) What species bite during these months?
2) What points/locations are people finding fish?
3) What max drag size reels are common, rod size, also lb test, etc are you using? I have mainly Penn Fathom 25lb narrow lever drags on Ugly stick 7' 20-50lb currently with 40lb mono (set up for halibut in SG Bay).
4) What methods are you using, down rriggers, outriggers, kite fishing etc?
5) what bait/lures are effective?

We, me and a coworker, are not picky on style of fishing or fish. We just want to experience the fishing in the areas we travel and bend rods :)

Any advice you may have is welcomed... sad we will be missing Red Snapper season.


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