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I am taking the family to Gulf Shores for our annual vacation. I have had great luck surf and kayak fishing and have definitely learned a ton from all of the great folks on the forum. Thank you to everyone over the last 8 years.

Every year I try to get offshore on some sort of boat just to fill the freezer with some of the tasty fish you are all blessed to have living offshore I have had good lucks in previous years on some of the "party boats" in May for triggers, misc. snappers and amberjacks.

The boat I went with last year is more than likely not going to have enough folks to go out the days I'm available this year, and I'm looking for suggestions on another party boat that may be heading out, or a shared 6 pack boat, any suggestions would be appreciated. It would be myself and if the weather and swells look good possibly my 6 year old daughter. She went 30 miles offshore for 10 hours with me last year and had a blast.

Anyone looking to share a charter to bottom fish anytime from May 5th-9th. My budget won't really allow me to charter a boat solo. Any suggestions for a good head boat that may be going out that week for at least 8 hours?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks again for all of the contributors to this excellent resource.
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