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Oct 6th & 7th 2007 Perdido Bay & Pass

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I took my son Clay (4 years old)out on Saturday morning with a couple live bait buckets full of shrimp to try and get a nice mess of trout & reds at the jetties. The weather had other things in mind and the wind was howling out of the East at over 10 and gusts well over that. Needless to say there was considerable chop and swells - so big that they were coming OVER the middle section of rocks at the pass. We hung around bird island for a while and found some fish working a school of LY's near some grass, so we anchored up and gave it a shot. They turned out to be Ladyfish, but Clay had fun anyway. He also got to land a good sized needle fish on a live shrimp - now that was pretty cool for him to see. Anyway, not very productive, so we saved the shrimp for the next morning.

We got up Sunday and it was pretty much the same thing. We ran up in the Bay and hit one of my spots that was protected from the wind and got a small trout (released). We didn't catch anything else there, so we headed back to the Hwy 182 bridge.

As we pulled up, there was a guide boat there that had just started fishing w/ some LY's and they almost immediately hooked up w/ a nice red. We anchored just up-current of the piling and dropped a shrimp down to the bottom. We were getting some nice action and hooked up pretty quickly. I let Clay bring it in to the boat and I was kind-of surprised to pull up a 14"snapper - it was almost stark white with very little color, very odd (sorry, butI didn't get a pic since i forgot that we had the camera w/ us). Anyway, catch and release.. since I couldn't positively identify it. Next one was a small red snapper, then a small mango. After that, we got a small black grouper and then a puffer fish. We were the only onces catching the reef fish while the guides using the LY's were still getting hits by reds.

Anyway, we fished for a while longer before he couldn't stand it any longer and he had to go get some pancakes!

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Great Report. Kids on the water are really cool.
Im sure he had loads of fun.:clap
Hey, he's ALL smiles and caught a bunch of cool sea critters.

Great report and pics!
since i've already had two PM's about where hwy 182 is... :D

by Hwy 182, i mean ALABAMA 182 (Perdido Beach Blvd.), the same as FL 292 (Perdido Key Drive),

SORRY for the confusion!

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Thats great! Nothing like first hand marine education.
Good job dad :clap Got you a good fishing partner right there.
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