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Hit the Destin pass at 9:00 with Lee and Andrew. Thebait boat had called it a day due to the red tide. Decided to just stick with frozen mackerel. Headed straight out to the Ozark. Saw plenty of dead fish from the red tide.

Dropped on the Ozark with frozen bait and butterfly jig. Caught 1 blackfin tuna on the bottom that was over 20lbs (frozen bait). Caught a bonita on a flat line (frozen bait). Caught another bonita on the butterfly jig. I put the jig up and dropped a frozen. It got to the bottom and I felt a tug, then it let go, then it hit gain, flet kinda wierd, then a white marlin jumps right next to the boat. Lee starts yelling reel, reel. I start reeling and running to the front of the boat. She jumps 4 or 5 times, then you hear the line "snamp". Shes gone. Fun while it lasted.

Decided to anchor. Got a pretty good drop, but abviously not good enough because we stopped catching fish. We did manage to boat 2 nice mingos (1 on the butterfly)

Decided to pick up and troll to another spot closer to home. Picked up another blackfin tuna. We saw balckfins or bonita or something all over the place, hundredsof them. While chasing them something toothy hits a rubber skirted ballyhoo and makes quick work of the 300lb mono.

Pick up and drop on several spots on the way home with not much success. I don't know where all the snapper went. I can't find them.

Will post pictures when Andrew sends them.
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