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nov 16th-nov 21st 2007 fishing report from capt wes

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on the 16th we found the gulf very calm but was late for the big bite. we started trolling 2 oz jigs with 4 inch berkley gulps and hooked up three reds landing two.

on the 18th we found the gulf rough and went instead for trout. we used 1/4 oz jigs with 3 inch berkley gulps. yes...we wore them out! here is chris and doug with a big stringer.

on the 20th we braved the seas and went on out for some bullredfish action. we quickly hooked up with blakes 21 lb redfish!

everybody caught one. here is ryan and david with theirs!

the 21st we caught alot of trout (see at capt wes' fishing report on his website). then we jigged up some hogs in pensacola bay using 4" berkley gulps.

here is justin fighting his big 19 lb red...

here is tyler with a 23 lb redfish

it was four great days of fishing!

please go to i have more pics of the fishing adventures there!

oh letyour loved ones know if they want to get you the best christmas present ever to just give capt wes a buzz. i can set up a gift certificate for as many hours of fishing as they would like to give you for christmas.

you to can buy for your family amembers and friends as well. a few hours out on the water fishing is a great gift for any season or occassion.

until our next fishing adventure...tight lines and happy TG day!
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good questionif the water depth is 20 feet or less i like using a 1 to 2 oz jig head. if water is deeper then i go to a 2 to 3 oz jig head. we usually just drop down and bounce of the bottom.

if the fish have been coming to the surface u can troll these jigs and do very well.

next question!
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