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I want to thank everybody that fished the tournament., even though the turnout was kind of low (waaay below my expectations) at 23 boats, everybody had a great time and we were able to pay a pretty good return for a $159 entry fee.

We had several forum members that I know personally fish this event and do well and we had a few I didn't know fish it. I thank you.

Results are posted below and there are some photos at of the winners. More on the tournament website here.


1st Place – 20.4 lbs
Mother Dog

2nd Place – 18.9 lbs

Ugly Duckling

3rd Place – 18.3 lbs
Time and 1/2

1st Place – 18.1 lbs
Mother Dog

2nd Place – 17.9 lbs
Steel Hooked

3rd Place – 16.5 lbs
The Defense Rest

1st Place – 12.5 lbs

100 Proof

Aggregate - 2 fish
1st Place – 38.5 lbs
Mother Dog

2nd Place – 35.5 lbs
Goofy Golf

3rd Place – 35.1 lbs
Extra Point


1st Place – 37.4 lbs
Rogue Offshore

2nd Place – 33.1 lbs

3rd Place – 7.0 lbs
Extra Point

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