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non-report surf fishing East of Pfino

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Got out for a few hours this afternoon. I had some fresh dead shrimp and plenty of fleas found in the surf. We fished at different distances from the inside to the outside and couldn't lose a bait. The surf was waist to chest, 5 oz held everything in place, water temp 59, onshore wind from the SW at 10. One of those days. :sleeping
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We weren't at the right place either Dave. Great group of guys, excellent gear, a variety of baits, surf to stir the bait, incoming fish! We ended up with 3 Dog Fish, a couple of Catfish and Dave caught aWhiting. Sad considering we fished hard from daylight until dark. What a crazy day. We did see two Pomps and a slot Red caught. One Pomp was sm

all, the other was an absolute beast. My guess would be 16-17 inches and 3+ pounds.Glad somebody found the spot.

God's still good and I'm still forgiven! That's enough any day!

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