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Nipple/Edge report 11/17/07 With gnarley video of treble hook in finger.

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Saturday was an interesting day. We were at Bahia Mar at 05:30. Got the boat loaded, and got all set to go. We push off from the dock and my steering locks up. Managed to reverse the boat and get back in without crashing into the dock. We putz with it for about 20 min and come to the realization that none of us know anything about hydraulics. We make the call and unload the boat. The crew from the Maddie D shows up and asks us if we are coming or going. We tell them what was going on and fortunatley for us, they had a similar problem recently and within about 40 seconds my boat was fixed and we were ready to load up and hit the water. (Again :hotsun)

We procede to the nipple to try to scare up a wahoo or late season dolphin. We stop to rig and put out the obligatory fly line. Fish on! Remora... Crap. Cale brings it on board and un hooks it.The fish gave a final flop and inbeded the treble hook into Cale's index finger. Well, two choices. Go home, or get it out. Cale sucked it up, soaked his finger in ice till it went numb, and said "get it out." So we did.

The video contains some strong language and is not for the faint of heart, but here it is.

We trolled for a couple of hours with no knock downs. We went to the edge and ended up with two scamp and a lane snapper, and two nice kings. We had a school of blackfin come up to the boat just as we were getting ready to head in, butwe caught a king when we threw to them.

All in all, it was a awesome day with great friends.
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Yep- it was fun. Want to add- got bait at #4 red bouy outside pass. With sabiki got plenty of cigs and hardtails- from small to big. Go there to get bait! On the edge we found a spot with 30+ foot relief. Jody put down live bait and Bam!- fought for a minute, but came off (maybe broke off). I throw out a large diamond jig. First cast- Bam!- but on the way up got broken off presumeable cuda or king. Also lost a lasertail to a tooty critter-probably cuda. Should of stayed there and chummed. I suspect the scamp, triggers and mingo were there for the taking.

Looking back we wish we would have just gone to edge and chummed for Blackfin. As we were leaving saw some BFT around. Threw out live jack and got a large king. It was getting late so we had to go. on way in we stopped at Avocet. No hits on live bait or diamond jig- WTF?

At marina- ran into some fellows that went to Ram Powell. They got 6 YFT 15-20#. They say they lost 2 nice ones 60-80#- one at the gaff, the other just plain lost. they said they were catching them on top-water plugs. Also a couple guys speared some Spadefish. Don't think they're from here- but they were excited none the less.

Damn fine day on the water!
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Now "THAT" is what fishing "FRIENDS" are for! Good job, never quit fishin early!

OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....way to not do the girlish thing and tough it out....good job!:bowdown
hey i want that guy to do my next physical. hell yeah good job doc.
Glad you guys made it out and caught some fish,wish i could have gone myself.Good job on the hook removal,way to suck it up Cale! Now ask him if he is ready to go fishing again? :moon
That was AWESOME! I've had to do that to a friend before. We didn't have a chance to film it for an upload to youtube, though. Brought back some hilarious memories! Man, I hate treble hooks. I get them thingshooked on just about everything on the boat, and they always seem to destroy the mouths of the fish that I have to throw back.

Way to suck it up and deal with the pain! Good job. I hope you guys had some alcohol for that...
Had something similiar happen to me, except mine was a 40lb king in the boat that decided to flick his head at the wrong time. Teeth took off my big toe like a knife cutting butter. Missed 3 months of work because of it. OUCH !!!!!!!!! Dont want to relive that one.

HOLY CRAP WHERE IS THE STOP BUTTON!!! that crap makes me a bit qweezy. nice post anyway! lol
bass fishing with my pops one day on the bon secour river, i got my topwater frog hung in a low lying tree, started snatching on it, and sure enuff the poor man trying to get a backlash worked out got plugged right under the nose with the trailer hook and in the cheek with the other. he made me pull one and leave the trailer left in under the honker. long ride to the docs office, thats for sure. i felt like ass by the way.
ouch man! My sister is a vet who does a lot of hook removal jobs. She showed me a simple method were you back the hook out the same way it went in with the help of a pointy exacto type blade. Just poke it in the same hole the hook entered meet the barb and lift out. No stitches needed.She said in most cases its easier to back the hook out.Only ifits deeply embeded andcurled around is when you should push it the rest of the way through. Oh, and adrop oflydocane right under the surface helps too if u can score a smallvile.
new meaning to cowboy-up,

my wife works in nursing field she has gotten me some of the deading medicine, haven't had to use it yet, however after watching that video I will be taking a crash course in the art of numbing up some skin to aid in hook removal

OUCH! I gotta agree with Linda&Ernie on this one. I'm sure a hook in the finger is harder to deal with but I had to carry a buddy of mine to the hospital to get a rattletrap out of his leg and they cut the lure loose from the hook, cut the 2 exposed hooks off the treble. The doc tied a piece of nylon to the bend of the embedded hook, pushed down on the hook (in theory pushing the barb away from the flesh as far as possible) and snatched the string like he was pulling a tooth. The hook popped right out and it was buried to the shank. I've since had to use that methodon others andhad to explainto my brother how to get one out of me.It's worked every time so far. A finger may be different though. I gotta hand it to you, You are one tough dude!!!:bowdown
Good report on the fishing and such but I'd like to know how you unf#*@*d the steering in case it happeds to any of us.


I second the question from 'Stressless', little info on what was the nature of the problem and how to fix it at the dock might save another's fishing expedition as well! Props to the crew that saved your trip...:bowdownWay to suck itup, Cale!
We apparently had air in the line. The steering was feeling lumpy when I did a test run in the bay to test the electronics last week. The fix was simple. Just above my steering wheel there was a little valve just above my steering wheel that I didn't even know existed. One little twist, a small spit of air out of the valve and we were on our way.

We were unfamiliar with the string method of hook removal.I did some research online about it. Pretty cool.
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