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Called my younger brother Todd last night,to seeif he could get a 1/2 day "hall pass"to do a littlefishing. Usually his wife says "no", when it involves any kind of trip with me...I'm the "bad brother", the one who she says "always gets in trouble when he is with you" brother.

Well, we got in trouble alright...Red and Trout trouble!

21" trout cought on Mirrodine XL 27MR.

Todd with a nice 18.5" Red caught on Berklet Gulp Jerk Shad Watermelon

Another nice spec 20" on the Mirrodine XL

And finally Todd with the biggest Red of his life! 25" caught on Berkely Jerk Shad.

We had a great 1/2 day "hall pass" and caught a lot of other fish, (3) lady's, (4) smalltrout, (2) reds, and (1) hardhead...And best news of all, I think his wife might let him go fishing with his "bad brother" again sometime soon since he's bringing home dinner!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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