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Got this guy this morning. First saddle deer. Was in a pine on the edge of a creek bottom with the planted pines. Haven't killed anything all season. Had several close calls during bow season but never took a shot. Had a 12" or so cowhorn come by at 15 yards at 8 with his nose to the ground. Had the safety off and almost took him but decided to hold off. I'm sure he would have made the 10" beam minimum but dont like to shoot anything borderline. Good decision! At 8:30 this guy was sneaking through the pines headed towards the creek. He stopped at 50 yards and didn't budge for several minutes. I was moving all around trying to find a hold to shoot through the brush and finally found one. Took a front of chest shot and dropped him in his tracks. My wife and kids came out to take pics and help me drag him out. 200 yard drag and 3 minute drive to the house 馃榿馃
16" inside and the most mass of any buck I've killed. God is Good馃憤


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Stud!!! Congrats!!!!
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