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Newb, Navarre

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Hey everybody,

My name is david and I'm new to the forums and to kayak fishing, only been doing it for the past year, but mainly in the sound. I've upgraded my kayak to a PA14 and really want to get out in the gulf mainly this season. I've lived around this area for a little over 20 years, joined the AF and got stationed back here. I was wondering if there was anybody here in navarre that wouldn't mind me tagging along some days to get my sea legs under me, show me the ropes, I have a basic knowledge from friends and reading, don't think I should be heading out by myself in the beginning. Let me know, thanks. :thumbup:
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Hello Dave,

Like you, I've only been yak fishing a little under a year & mostly in the Sound & Bay. But, I have fished the Gulf a handful of times for kings. Let me know anytime you need someone to tag along. I try to fish everyday the wind is not blowing to hard.
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