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Gnwdad (10/23/2007)I have had a few nights with out even seeing a track and other nights where I had to quit early do to the Florida Limit. I have launched in Alabama a few nights and killed well over the Florida limit.

I'm using a Colman power mate 1800generator with (1) 500 watt and (4) 300 watt lights. The generator handles the lights plus my on board charger (2 bank 6 amp)for my trolling batteries very well.

As far as the glare there is not one unless it's choppy. With two in the boat my lights are 3''-5'' off the water.

They are the Wal-mart lights for under $10.00 and can return them if the break.
I like your set-up. I run 2-500W on the front and 2-300W on the sides (same Wal-mart lights). You been lately?
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