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<SPAN class=spnMessageText>Looking for a little insight on a motor I just bought.

<SPAN class=spnMessageText>I just picked up a 1991 Johnson 140hp VRO last week. I hope it works out because I drove all the way to Tampa from Mobile to get it... It is very clean for the age. Not sure on the hours, but it had spot on 124-125psi on each cylinder. It cranked on the first turn of the key on the boat it came off of. It has had the VRO disconnected. I got a set of Teleflex cables, an OMC binnacle, and the wiring harness with it. Pulled the old one and got the new guy on last night and the wiring harness run to the dash. That is where I am. My old '77 looked simple by comparison under the cowling. So I have a couple of questions:

1. Anyone got a manual/know a good one to get for this motor?

2. What wires go to what on the harness? Most go to the key switch I would imagine, but where?

3. Will my Morse MT-3 and the cables that are currently run work with this motor? They look like they will, but...

4. There are several connectors under the cowling that are disconnected, I will get a picture of them, but I need some help figuring these out to get the correct items hooked up.

5. Are the trim and tilt wires tun separately from the harness for this year engine? All I got was the one main harness, so I am a little unsure on this one as my old one had a separate trim and tilt harness.

Sorry for all the questions guys, but I bit off a big chunk this time. This is probably my most ambitious project to date, but boy does the new one look better hanging off the back... I am eager to get it in the water, so any help would be great.

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