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well when i started fishing i started with a spinner bait. its a classic and you throw it out and real it in. white with silver blade, chartruse with gold blade. i have caught plenty of fish on the dollar ones at wally world. my favorite bait is a buzzbait. throw it out real it in. it stays on top of the water. you also cant go wrong with a floating rapala..standard silver. depending on the ponds you are fishing depicts what you should use. if it is super grassy throw a weightless trick worm with a 3/0 widegap hook. if the fish are slow going maybe try a jig..i like black/blue or watermelon. (never caught one on them yet, but they produce big fish and they just look so damn good. tip it with a 3-4" craw. if you have ponds that you want to fish and are fished by alot of people. down size or try a different color from what people are using. Shoot me a PM and i will answer any questions you have.

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