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New to this forum, but have looked at periodically over the years.
I have been freshwater yak fishing for 20+ years.
I am in pensacola about 2x a year visiting and often fish on a 23' motorboat.
My family in OH owns a kayak shop and I kayak fish often in freshwater.
I want to start doing more yak fishin when i am in pensacola, and I am also on the kayakwars thing, but my question is....

I am looking to get a rod & reel that i can use down there to yak fish with. Most likely a general purpose kind of combo that works for catching about anything from the yak while both casting and trolling (trout, reds, flounder, sheepshead, mackerel, etc). Any suggestions? If possible I would like to use this for a musky rod/reel too. Also, don't want to break the bank! I was looking at something like the Offshore Angler/Ocean Master Round baitcaster.

Thanks for info in advance!
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