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I want to submit a plan to NOAA for red snapper like the sos group did.

As everyone know the economy is bad all over. Red snapper caught on charter boats and by recreational fisherman bring 20 times the amount of money into our local economy than the $2 or $3 a pound the commercially harvested fish bring in. People come from all over the country to hire charters, stay in hotels and condos, buy gas, eat at restaurants and pay sales tax just to catch a couple of ARS.

I think we could get 1000+ signatures including charter boat captains. Many more than they had for the SOS plan

So this is the new plan I would like to propose:

1 Make a recreational season that last 90 days

2 Increase the limit to 3 snapper per day per person.

3 Close all commercial snapper fishing during the recreational season.<P style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px" dir=ltr>4 After the 90 day recreational seasonis over NMFS could assess the snapper population using any data or method they want andallocate<P style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px" dir=ltr> catch shares for commercial fishing to be used in the following 9 months<P style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px" dir=ltr>This plan would stimulate the economy making the best use of our resources and allow the charter captains at least a fighting chance of survival.
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