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New members for the 2010 -11 hunting season We have right around 2500 acres located in Vredenburgh AL between Camden and Beatrice that is where our 33 food plots with 18 shooting houses are located. We build 3 new houses each year on our work weekends, all the other plots have some type of stand on it as well, plus all plots have been given names with a sign at each location to go with the detailed map we have made for our club members. It so easy a caveman could figure it out. We like keeping around 18 members at $1200 per year for the lease. We have a new camp house. The price to stay at the 3500 square foot camp house will be $600 and for that you get a very nice place to stay during the spring and fall hunting season All rooms have AC & Gas heat, Direct TV ran to each room, two bathrooms, TV room, Dining room, Full kitchen, Two frig one Deep freezer, skinning shed with hot water for those cold days, and we will also have a few camper hook ups with also. We are 4 point or better but adult member?s typically only shoot good 6 or 8 or MATURE deer. We kept it 4 point or better because no one abuses the rule and it's for the kids. We have about 400 acres, give or take, of hardwoods and the rest are pines consisting of an 8 year old clear cut that was replanted and mature select cut/thinned pines. We have a fairly large creek with some good acorns on it that runs right through the middle of our lease along with a railroad track. We have our fair share of deer, although you won't see any 10 deer on a food plot but you will see deer 6 out of 10 times you hunt if you put in your time. We are loaded with turkeys and have very few turkey hunters. We like to have fun and drink a cold one around the fire with our new and old friends. But we are a very kid friendly club... We also ride 4 wheelers during the summer and have MILES AND MILES of roads and property to ride around the Vredenburgh area if you?re into riding. Our camp house is located in Coy which is only 7 minutes from our hunting lease also it's just a mile or so off of the Alabama river with boat launch access and only about 15 minutes to Miller's Ferry/Gee's Bend. We will be showing our lease from February to April for a few possible new memberships, how many available spots are pending the April 15th payment due date forlast years2009-10 club members. If you would like to come up and see the land, camp house and meet some of the members. Email me [email protected] or call me Bryan Griffin 850-712-4319 leave a message and I will call you back.

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