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New in Pensacola (Military) Need a little help

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Hey Everyone,

I just moved here from California (Sacramento) where I did a fair amount of fly-fishing, and a littlesalt water. I just found out I have around 5 months before I start Flight School, so

I would love to start fishing!

What I am looking for is someone that could maybe show me around, give me a few tips- I guess just a buddy or two to go fishing with.

I see that the kayaking fisherman are really prevalent around here, and that is really awesome, and would love to try that sometime. (I've done tube fishing, but not much boat/kayak)

I feel like this is turning out to be a personal ad, but I can't really help that. I don't know if there are some places around here that are military only, but if there are, I would certainly be able to get you there.

Thanks so much,

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My favorite way to fly fish is on foot, wading, and there are some great grass flats on public land. Depending on where you live, you can fish for speckled trout and redfish with clouser minnows and topwater poppers a few minutes from home and still be at work by 8:00. Think intracoastal waterway in the shallows, and some of the best fishing is from the mainland side. Trout are still in the rivers and bayous, and will be on the grass flats about the time local pecan trees bud out in mid/late April. I'll also be doing some snapper and grouper fishing on nice days in the gulf if you want to try some gulf and bay bottom fishing later on.
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