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OK so obviously will not get offshore -- maybe ever -- due to the wind and waves.

Soooo.... inshore it is.

I've found that once I get out there I either settle in and fish sheltered areas or just get frustrated and give up.

Any tips, ideas, success stories, or how-to's you die-hard folks care to share?

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Fly Fishing Tip #14.

Conditions are seldom perfect. Condition wise, you take what you get or go home.

1. On days when you are spooking fish, anchor or stake out near obvious travel routes or ambush points.
2. When you realize you are spooking too many fish, try to figure out what you are doing wrong.
3. Make sure the fly you are using is something the fish would expect to see in the existing situation.

4. Some fish respond well to chum. Take advantage of that.
5. Remember. Not all species respond to Menhaden oil as chum. Crushed crustaceans, shrimp and especially crabs, attract a wider variety of fish.
6. Often, fish enter a chum line then feed on smaller fish that are feeding on the chum.

7. Poling and stalking fish is more like hunting and more fun (to me) than fishing in a chum line. When you are fishing alone, chumming is usually the best way to have a good day.

8. Fresh chum, caught right where you are fishing is at least 10X as good as frozen chum.
One other thing re: chumming.
9. Bad chum in the right place is far better than the best chum in the wrong place.

10. Chum enough to attract fish, not enough to feed them.
11. It is better to be sitting on the hill, wishing you were fishing than sitting in a boat wishing you were on the hill. Some days just weren’t meant for fishing. ALWAYS: Safety first. NOAA is often wrong but they are the best we have. Err to the safe side. Go to the tips forum and look for my #1 fishing tip.'
Also look at tip # 614 'When Bad Winds Blow"
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