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Hello. I live in the Milton area and I don't have a boat. I'm a 43 year old female that's disabled, not in wheelchair but back problems.... Does anyone know good places where I can freshwater fish /brackish water fishing it's OK to.
I have both salt water and freshwater fishing license. I'm new to fishing 馃帲 and really enjoy it! I would like to catch some catfish, brim, bluegill, bass, and a few other kinds..... I have been to the memorial fishing where the bridge is in Milton beside the courthouse, I have been behind the Tom Thumb on Ward basin Road and I have been to Russell Harbor Landing but I'm not having any luck. 馃槴
Does anyone know of any good hot fishing spots that I can get to without boat? 馃檹馃徏

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Steve's Farm is not Fishing, it is Catching.
Ponds stocked with Blue/Channel hybrids, sizes from 1.5lbs to 40+lbs.
Pay to get in and pay by the pound for the fish.
Supposed to be, You Caught It, You Keep It.

It is a lot of fun for my kids and I, been going there for almost a decade.
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Go to Carpenters Park. There is a Fishing pier on the North side. If you drive in on the Broad Street entrance, follow the road to where it loops back. The pier is right there. You can also fish from the bank anywhere out there, just not supposed to fish on the boat launch ramp docks.
There's also Bagdad Oyster Pile (boat ramp) on Water street.
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