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I have the Pelican and the Outback, two completly different yaks. You get what you pay for, the pelican is ok but nothing like a prowler 13, wilderness systems type kayaks. Don't get me wrong, the pelican is not to bad for the money, but tracking sucks and you will work harder. Yaking is a lot of fun, and can be really awesome with the right yak, get the wrong yak, it could cause you to hang up the sport.

I would say if your set on the outback, keep saving. Nothing worse then settling for something you really didn't want. I think you will be much happier in the long run.

And if you can't swing the outback, Ocean Kayak is reasonable for the Prowler 13. I think West Marine has them for 699. Great kayak, great price. And you can always easily add a rudder when funds become available. Just remember, a good paddle will make a really huge difference.
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