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I fished from the scrambler for years before making the switch to the Hobie outback, but now I'm thinking I want to switch to the revolution... I caught many fish from thescrambler including a sailfish. I also like to fish from my husbandsWilderness SystemRide sometimes, this kayak is great if you want to stand and sight fish. You first need to figure out what type of fishing you will be doing mostly, for me I knew I would be fishing the Gulf a lot, so stability entering and exiting the water was important to me, but now that I'm fishing back water, I'm wanting something a little faster, to cover more water... no one kayak is perfect for everyone. Myhusband prefers to paddle, I prefer to peddle - hands free to fish, & I'm using my legs which is a bigger muscle group ie I don't tire as easy. I would suggest going to your local kayak shop and actually water testing the kayaks. Good luck, let us know which one you go with and post up some reports! ~Linda
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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